Pastor Reardon
Parker Reardon                                           
Web Servant
Address: 18960 N. Applegate Rd.
Grants Pass, Or  97527

I am amazed on a daily basis that the Lord would show such mercy to me in placing me in service to Him (1 Tim 1:12-14). I was raised in central Maine in a church that taught me some of the fundamentals of the Christian faith, but I was never radically confronted with the realities of faith in Christ alone, nor in surrendering to Jesus Christ as absolute Lord of everything. Therefore, I remained a religious hypocrite for several years. Yet, God graciously granted me the gifts of faith and repentance and gave me life in Jesus Christ.
After granting me a love for His Word and His people in Bible College, I entered the ministry, afforded the privilege of proclaiming His living and active Word. After nearly a dozen years I was overwhelmed by the necessity for further training on how to properly exegete the meaning from the text of Scripture, knowing that would give an account one day for what I have taught as “thus saith the Lord.” It was when I preaching through James that I was scared of my accountability to the truth when I arrived at James 3:1 “stop being so many teachers, brethren, knowing that we will incur a stricter judgment.” I remember listening to a Master-Bible teacher, John MacArthur, and thinking, “Why is this church paying me to teach them, we should just invest in a better sound system and listen to him proclaim the truth on the Lord’s Day.”
Then I packed up my wife and three children and moved to southern California to attend the Master’s Seminary. I’ve now had the privilege of graduating with my doctorate in expository preaching (talk about the Lord’s sense of humor in using the dullest knife in the drawer & His infinite wisdom of using the weak things like myself to proclaim His excellencies…1 Corinthians 1).
I currently have the amazing privilege of being married to my sweetheart, Cindy, raising my 7 children, and shepherding God’s people in the Word, proclaiming Christ until they all are complete in Christ (Col 1:28-29).  If I can be of any service to you in the Word, please visit To God alone be all the glory!
Parker W. Reardon, II

  • A graduate of Word of Life Bible Institute, Pensacola Christian College, and The Master’s Seminary
  • A husband of Cynthia (Richeson) Reardon
  • A father to Adrianne, Will, Pierce, Chandler, Quintin, Connor, & Dayna
  • A practitioner of expository preaching and biblical counseling
  • A simple slave of the Lord Jesus Christ